Why is Lepore the right supplier for you?

We have started working in the fish market since 1945, when the core of our company were founded. As years passed by, we have diversified our operations, led by a love for the sea passed on from generation to generation. After gaining a leading spot in swordfish selling, we have diversified our activities and adapted our facility accordingly.

Today, our facility is composed by:

  • Seafood’s purification center
  • Warehouse storage
  • Processing and packaging areas for fish
  • 2,000 square meters of refrigerated cells
  • Internal analysis lab
  • Three operating premises (Fasano, Porto Viro and Acireale)

Our products

We deliver seafood processed in our internal, closed cycle purification center, supplied with water coming from a marine groundwater. We select and package products such as black mussels, bearded horse mussels, smooth clams, oysters and clams. Due to our fishing vessels, we have on a daily basis local fresh fish. Furthermore, we import fish from Europe, Africa and New Zealand. Our fresh fish proposal includes anchovies, lobsters, shrimps, cods, snappers, grey mullets and much more. Our product list is completed by frozen and thawed fish. We process our frozen fish through our logistic platform in Milan and the internal structure of the company proposes swordfish, tuna fish, mackerels, lobsters and a lot more.

Our warranties for our partners

We offer our partners certified fish products that meet all the newest demands of the market. Our Lepore Mare fish conforms to the sustainability standards of fish products and aligns itself with the most important food trends of the recent years. Our products meet the demands of customers who are mindful of the principles of healthy nutrition and daily consumption of fresh products. In particular, we guarantee our partners:


We carefully select fish and seafood. We verify the goodness and salinity of the fished and perform chemical and physical microbiological analyzes on the fish.


We guarantee the traceability of fish at all stages of the production chain. We provide detailed information about the catchment area, the production method and the scientific and commercial denomination.


We label all products according to the current laws and regulations. We have increased the legibility of the labels so that we can meet the end-user's information needs.


We pack frozen and thawed fish with individual and material packages in line with Community regulations.


We are in possession of the most important ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 quality management certifications and we are about to obtain IFS certification (International Food Standard on Food Safety).


We have an internal self-checking lab. Our professionals work in collaboration with the University of Foggia and the University of Bari.


We have adopted a hygienic health security manual based on HACCP and SSOP protocols.


Our business area is focused on giving assistance and advice to customers interested in frozen, thawed and fresh fish.


We handle all logistics with our internal resources and we guarantee that all the deliveries are completed timely in Italy and abroad. We have entered into partnerships with major airlines that allow us to comply with the shipping times.


In a year, we can handle 15 million kilograms of fish and 2.5 million kilograms of purified seafood.

Contact us for more information on our fresh, frozen and thawed fish. Our staff will show you how we use to supply our products.