Lepore Mare Spa in Bruxelles for “Seafood Expo Global”



From April 25th to 27th 2017, in Bruxelles, Belgium, the company Lepore Mare Spa will take part to the “Seafood Expo Global”: the most important fair where many international leaders are involved. More than 26.000 operators of this sector, coming from 140 different countries around the world, will be attending the biggest seafood expo ever. These three days are a neuralgic event where take part most competitors of the world.

The “Seafood Expo Global” will host exhibitors of all nationalities with a huge offer of seafood products as well as sales operators of additives and semi-finished food, packaging of different kind. and equipments for the transformation of foods especially of seafood products.

Lepore Mare Spa, international leader company on fishing scene, has its factories in Fasano (BR), Acireale (CT) and Porto Viro (RO), Leporemare has recently created ForMare, the first national training Academy – the company has been taking part to an international fair for 10 years This fair can be considered an important occasion to meet
new clients, new suppliers, mediators and brokers. It’s a possibility to make a stronger cooperation of companies and the opportunity to push up the products. So a precious event to present the latest product news and to show new brands.

In Bruxelles there’s the participation of most important institutional actors of the fishing-world that can discuss about legislations that control this sector. Among different activities there is also the opportunity to participate at conferences with related associations. You will find also the “Asoittica Italia” (National society for the fish Italian Industry) which is managed from a delegate of Lepore Mare Spa.

Considering the importance of participating at “Seafood Expo Global”, that allows to reinforce the range of action of the whole company activity, all departments of Lepore Mare will be there. In particular Gianni Lepore the sole director of Lepore Mare Spa with a team of 12 collaborators will take part at this fair.