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>  Quality

Offering to the client the certainty of what he/she eats: this is the aim we have always looked to in order to guarantee the best organization standards and product control.

We are organized with a Health Department, a Quality Environment Office, and an inner Laboratory which works with a strong synergy together with the Research and Development and with the one dedicated to Production.

We follow a guidebook of self-checking based on risks analysis principles and the checking of critical points according to HACCP method, and on the application of SSOP procedures according to Community laws.

This plan is about all the production runs: raw materials, packaging, helping materials, structure and distribution. We have procedures to ensure the traceability of the product in all the production chain. Furthermore, in our company we have activated an integrated management system about Safety Quality Environment, certified by DNV according to Quality ISO 9001:2008 laws (Certified 11527/2002) and Environment ISO 14001:2004 (Certified 590/2003).

Our inner Analysis Laboratory carries out controls on arriving products and on the sold one.

All our production chain is constantly monitored from the safety and quality points of view, with particular attention to the development of new control technologies in collaboration with main national research companies.

Information on accidental events
and collection of claimed products.

This section is dedicated on timely communication of possible food alerts
made according to the applicable laws.


>  Research and Development

We have always focused our attention on research and training. We are convinced that in order to grow up and keep on improving we need to study, with the aim of planning and realizing new products that can satisfy customers needs and estimate the application of new production technologies.

In the years Lepore Mare Research and Development department has become an excellent fishing center for the research of parasites in the fishing world, the checking of heavy metals in imported fish and the checking of traceability in all the steps of the production chain.

Thanks to the collaborations with the University of Foggia Faculty of Agriculture and with the University of Bari Faculty of Veterinary, Lepore Mare succeeded in bringing to high levels the safety and the quality protocols.

The new border of the fish market
is already reality
with us.

The challenges for the future

Fish of high health benefits

In terms of growing and innovate more and more, Lepore Mare wanted to become the first company managing a project of PON of Research and Competitiveness and in particular in the measure of industrial Research Invitation D.D. MIUR Prot. 01/Ric. of 18 January 2010, with the aim of developing innovative transformed nutraceutical fish with high shelf life, that is, based fish products that help to improve health and to prevent different pathologies.

The following topics have been studied:

  • Processed fish with high antioxidant anti-cholesterol, anti-ischemic and antitriglyceride;
  • Probiotic processed fish;
  • Fermented processed fish;
  • Sustainable production techniques of new fish species fed with vegetable feeds;
  • Finishing integrators with antioxidant action;
  • Active packaging with micro biotic action for processed fish.

Queste tecnologie, oltre ad essere di alto interesse tecnico scientifico, sono all'avanguardia nella ricerca industriale internazionale e presentano un elevato potenziale di mercato.
Nel mercato mondiale dei prodotti ittici infatti non sono rintracciabili prodotti a lunga shelf life nella forma di trasformati freschi. Analogamente, nel mercato degli alimenti funzionali e nutraceutici - pur esistendo numerosi integratori alimentari a base di estratti di pesce - non esistono "alimenti" nutraceutici nella forma di trasformati ittici freschi o fermentati.

In order to achieve these particularly challenging goals, a highly qualified partnership project has been structured with all the special skills required. The industrial partnership is the main element of fish production line. In fact, there are included feed production and experimentation companies, fish production companies, fish processing and processing companies, nutrition expert agro-food companies. Together with the industrial partners, there are two research partners in nutraceuticals and processing and packaging (University of Foggia - BIOAGROMED Interdepartmental Research Center) as well as in the development of new feed and aquaculture production techniques (University of Bari - Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine).

The project was born from the interaction of Lepore Mare, as leading company, with the universities of Foggia and Bari, and with the involvement, as partners, of other companies that were properly located in ichthyic chain.



Thanks to the studies conducted during the research project and, above all, thanks to the industrial scale up realized by Lepore Mare and the partner companies, we present, for the first time ever on the fish marker:

The fish burger with high health value, which is a processed fish product with high shelf life and high health value.

Functional fish burger is the most important outcome of a project that has also allowed Lepore Mare to

  1. Develop innovative technologies for the processing of ichthyic products
  2. Enhance new technical competencies for research and development
  3. Create an analysis and research and development lab in order to develop new products

A successful synergy between public and private that has developed concrete results in terms of product, competitiveness and professional growth.

>  Formare Academy

Oltre ad essere sede di dottorati di ricerca per tecnologi e veterinari igienisti, Lepore Mare ha creato una struttura dedicata alla formazione e all’aggiornamento degli specialisti del settore.

Negli ultimi anni è accresciuta l’esigenza di avere anche nel mondo ittico personale specializzato che sia a conoscenza di specifiche competenze di ogni fase produttiva.

Ci sono una serie di attività che sono diventate sempre più complesse e sempre più difficili da gestire:

> nell’ambito della produzione primaria (Pescatore)
> nell’ambito della commercializzazione e della esposizione del prodotto in vendita.

All of this brings a strong need of continuous training

e molto specifica che può essere curata e gestita solo da un’organizzazione come Lepore Mare che si occupa di tutte le fasi della filiera produttiva e che ha cognizione di tutte le problematiche che in ogni fase si riscontrano.

Questo è l’obiettivo dell’Accademia ForMare: aiutare sia i fornitori (pescatori) che i clienti (addetti alla vendita di pescherie, grande distribuzione, grossisti) a una formazione continua e puntuale.



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